PASTA WITH MUSHROOMS – Pasta ai funghi

I invited some friends for dinner last Saturday evening and in walks one friend with this box.


I had no idea of the contents, but I knew that they could not have been chocolates – the box was far too large! Besides, the other friend bought chocolates.

Mushroom box open_0269

Inside the box were a range of mushrooms; included were Saffron Coloured, Pine Mushrooms and Slippery Jacks and both are wild mushroom varieties. My friend bought these from her favourite green grocer.

I cooked them the next day and made a delicious pasta sauce (for different friends).

Mushroom & pasta_0274

What I particularly like about using a mixed selection of mushrooms is the differences of textures; the taste of each type of mushroom tastes different too.

There is no point in writing the recipe for the sauce again because I have included it in a previous post about wild mushrooms. Like my posts about pickling olives, the posts about wild mushrooms are very popular with readers at the moment. This is not surprising because it is that season for both olives and  for collecting wild mushrooms.

Wild Mushrooms – Saffron Coloured, Pine Mushrooms and Slippery Jacks

Chicken mushroom recipes:

Funghi Al Funghetto (braised Mushrooms)

Fricasse De Setas con Anchoas (Spanish, Wild Mushroom and Anchovy Fricassee)

Italian Drunken Chicken – Gadduzzu ‘mbriacu or Gallina Imbriaga – Depending on the Part of Italy You Come From

Polastro in Tecia – Pollastro in Teccia in Italian (Chicken Cooked As in the Veneto Region of Italy)


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  1. I’d much rather have the box of wild mushrooms than chocolates. Your sauce would most definitely compliment my triple mushroom and cheese ravioli. I’ll have to wait until we get back home to try out the combination. Grazie per la ricetta. Buona giornata.

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