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I am included in the following inaugural cook books:



Planet to Plate: The Earth Hour Cookbook is a collection of 52 amazing recipes from Australia’s biggest culinary names.

March 2015

In 2015 WWF, Earth Hour is about celebrating Australian food and farming.

It is a collection of the very best recipes from the country’s top chefs; Planet to Plate is full of information on how global warming is already affecting produce we enjoy in our everyday lives including fresh vegetables, cereals, bread and fruit.

Planet to Plate uniquely and beautifully incorporates first-hand stories from Australian farmers highlighting the impact global warming is having on their farms and the nation’s availability of fresh, homegrown food.

See: EARTH HOUR, Planet to Plate: The Earth Hour Cookbook 2015




Sweets: tastes and traditions from many cultures

Sweets Tastes and Traditions from many cultures, Immigration Museum Victoria

As part of the Melbourne Food and Wine festival and Cultural Diversity Week in March 2012 members of the Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mauritian and Turkish communities collaborated with the museum to explore the significance of sweets – sharing sweet stories, traditions and recipes.

The project piloted a new approach for exhibitions and festivals. The Museum worked collaboratively with 5 Victorian communities to produce a sweets-themed exhibition and festival, highlighting shared cultural traditions, rituals and contemporary practices.

I represented the Italian Community and apart from being a member of this committee tome of my recipes are in this publication: Sweets: tastes and traditions from many cultures.

Sweets: Tastes and Traditions from Many Cultures exhibition and the related one day festival event on 18th March 2012, The Immigration Museum

SWEETS: Tastes and Traditions from many cultures, Immigration Museum 2012 Melbourne Food and Wine Festival




Una Ricetta al Giorno…Leva il medico di torno, 365 ricette, Chef Storie “A Recipe to Day … … keeps the doctor away!”

(Published in Italy, January 2014) The book contains 365 recipes of 365 chefs and 365 stories 365 recipes from chefs and their stories. Most of the chefs are from different parts of Italy but the publication also contains some internationally renowned chefs.

I am the only Australian represented in this book.


Publications, Magazines

Italianicious is a glossy magazine produced in Melbourne, aiming to bring together the love of all things Italian – from the traditions of food and wine, the arts, and distinctive and cutting edge style, to the unique and iconic locations that Italy has to offer. It is a magazine about Italian Cuisine travel, culture, wine, style, people, events, news, about Italy and all things Italian in Australia.

Seafood News is an independent monthly publication dedicated to serving the commercial seafood industry. It is distributed throughout Australia and reaches all sectors of the industry.


Fishing Lines is a magazine of Fishing Lines is the official magazine of VR Fish (Victoria’s Peak Recreational Fishing Body). It is published by season and is distributed widely amongst the VRFish members, the broader recreational fishing community, interest groups and stakeholders in general. It is distributed both as a hard copy document, electronically via email and can be downloaded.I have written a number of recipes for this magazine.

The Victorian Writer, Food and Wine Edition, Voices: Bring to the Boil, Simmer Slowly


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