SBS The Ugly Ducklings of Italian Cuisine (Scarrafoni in Cucina)

Massimiliano Gugole from SBS Radio invited me to contribute to an SBS program on Season 2 of The Ugly Ducklings of Italian Cuisine.              

The idea of the program is to showcase nice tasting but nasty looking Italian dishes. Massimiliano wanted to interview me about a particular dish from South Eastern Sicily that starts out looking gruesome but ends up tasting glorious.

My recipe is ZUZZU –  brawn made with bits and pieces of pig.

There are two podcasts, one is in English and the other is in Italian.


The post on my blog where I write about the recipe with photos:

The Ugly Ducklings in Italian Cuisine (Scarrafoni in cucina)

The Podcasts:

The recipe on the SBS site has been called Pork Terrine…. not quite right, but maybe no one would look at a recipe made with pig’s head: