Sicilian Seafood Cooking

Like all true Italian cooking, Sicilian cuisine is intensely regional. Sicilian Seafood Cooking takes readers on a culinary journey around Sicily, using seasonal produce and traditional cooking methods and techniques. The book is layered with fascinating information about the origins of recipes and information about sustainability issues.

Sicilian Seafood Cooking is lively, authoritative and attractive collection of 120 traditional recipes for seafood and its accompaniments—including a great variety of first- and second-course dishes, food for feasts, special sauces and delicious vegetables. Marisa devotes an entire chapter to the classic Sicilian dish, caponata, with no less than nine different recipes.

“The recipes are not just a collection of what my mother cooked, which has been the case in most books I’ve read on Sicilian food,” she says. “I ate in lots of restaurants all over the island, as well as with my family – some who live in Ragusa, others in Catania and Augusta. I spoke to restaurant staff about their menus and compared them with what I already knew and what I found out from research. Then I recreated the best versions of the recipes for the book.”

Sicilian Seafood Cooking

383 pages, published by New Holland Publishers, Nov 2011






Sicilian Seafood Cooking (Marisa Raniolo Wilkins) is now available in paperback (January 2015).
The paperback edition has been printed on quality paper and the colours of the photographs are as vibrant as in the hardback edition.

Cost $40.00

The first edition of Sicilian Seafood Cooking (November 2011) was printed in hardback and is now out of print.

Cost $45.00
Both editions printed by New Holland Publishers.

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