Book: Small Fishy Bites

Small Fishy Bites

208 pages, published by New Holland Publishers

Oct 2013



From the publisher:

Small Fishy Bites celebrates the diversity and versatility of seafood.
Small plates are a pleasant way to sample a range of meals without the commitment to one entrée or several different courses.

There are 100 recipes. Each chapter covers a different way to serve seafood; Tidbits features bite-sized meals; Cases and Bases includes blinis, crepes and pizza; Soused and Best Dressed has wonderful recipes for marinating seafood; Floured, Crumbed and battered shows you a variety of different techniques to batter and fry your fish; Sozzled has a selection of seafood served with alcohol including oyster shooters and spreads made with whiskey; Spreads include fish spreads, potted shrimp and pâté; Hefty Shells includes scallop, oyster and mussel dishes; the Minced Fish chapter has a range of balls, patties and croquettes made from fish and shrimps.

Small morsels of seafood are delicious fare to be shared amongst family and friends. Enjoy making and serving these easy and varied dishes from around the world.



Small Fishy Bites has also been translated into Dutch and it is called Tapas Met Vis.


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