FRAPPATO WINE from Feudi del Pisciotto, Sicily


It is a bottle of Frappato (a red Italian wine grape variety planted primarily in Sicily) from the winery called Feudi del Pisciotto. It is a very enjoyable light, but full-bodied wine.

I love the wine label on the bottle as well, and it is not just to give the bottle a pretty face. The label is part of a collection drawn by Italian stylists in order to support continued restorations and charitable works throughout Sicily.

Caltagirone, Piazza Armerina and Vittoria form a triangle and the Feudi del Pisciotto winery is located within it. Caltagirone is inland (about 70 km southwest of Catania) and is famous for its ceramics. Vittoria is very close to Ragusa, but further inland. Those who have seen the famous mosaic floors in Villa Romana del Casale would know that it is located about 5km outside the town of Piazza Armerina. (Unfortunately there is a mistake on their web page and they call it Piazza Almerina).

 I enjoyed this bottle of wine at BAR IDDA.

They are still going strong those Sicilians on Lygon Street and each time I go there I enjoy their food. I like the way that Alfredo (known affectionally as Freddy, the owner and chef) successfully experiments with traditional Sicilian dishes. This time one of the many dishes on offer were the barbequed sardines with marjoram oil and the other were the cazzilli (potato croquettes) to which he added fennel seeds. You are not likely to find these variations in Sicily, but this type of fusion works – the flavours go together and are compatible (for example, unlike coriander in a Sicilian recipe).

I also like the hospitality that the staff offer, Lisa welcomes you as if you were visiting her home, Freddy comes and speaks to guests and Antony knows how to recommend a good Sicilian wine, and all the time, smile, smile, smile. And they mean it.

Avanti e Complimenti Bar Idda!

Recipe for  cazzili:


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