B1D5EC2C-3A7E-487F-A229-600CA75EE764Cockles, vongole , pipis from Goolwa.

02D5AEFE-17A9-4E7F-95F2-D86DCA11F397Fennel sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, tarragon and parsley. Deglazed with dry vermouth.

FE637EF8-8A6C-4CFD-B88D-8B0DF6D14833Add the vongole, cover, and the vongole will open very quickly. Open and serve with crostini…..bread of your choice brushed with extra virgin olive oil and toasted in the oven.


2 thoughts on “VONGOLE con FINOCCHIO e Vermouth”

    1. Hi Michael, with many recipes it does not matter how much of each ingredient you use. I like fennel and I wanted as much fennel as vongole, therefore I used 2 fennels and 1 kilo of vongole. Next time I may want less fennel, so I use less. The photos also help to estimate how much has been used.
      Have a look of some early Italian cookbooks, rarely are amounts used. Sometimes there may be a “pugno”, a fistful of this and that.
      Cakes and pastries are different, although experienced cooks use the feel of the mix….and the look. Smell too is important and experienced cooks can smell something when it is cooked.

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