Not a bad space to be walking into.


Salchichon, loganiza everywhere and the Jamon  hanging from the ceiling.  It is Spain of course.


Spain equals tapas –a flourishing industry since the Middle Ages. There are plenty of other delights to be found in Spain, but food is always a large part of my enjoyment and a priority anytime I travel  .

madrid-markets small goods

I have been too busy to write a post about the fabulous prepared tapas-type foods that one can easily buy at Markets in Spain.

madrid salamini

And I am not just talking about the classically simple to complex small plates of goodies found in Spanish bars, restaurants and tavernas, but of the ready – made delicatessen type goodies to take home.


Wine is so cheap in Spain (in comparison to Australian wine) so on a number of occasions it was easy to buy some ready made ingredients and drink good wine in one’s hotel room, or as in our case in Madrid in an apartment which came with excellent cooking and serving facilities.

madrid fritos

The Spaniards know how to have a good time!



10 thoughts on “TAPAS AND SPAIN”

  1. Hi Marisa
    Such a great way to eat! Your new book ‘Small Fishy Bites’ has a great collection of recipes. So easy!

    Wow, just discovered your new website and I’m really enjoying your updated blog. Fresh and ever interesting and so much easier to mine…there’s gold there!


      1. Yes, great to find a fellow Triestina (?) and your lovely blog. Congrats. I think you’re based in Melbourne? Si, scrivime in Triestin se te vol. Although I’m a bit rusty with the written stuff (lots of x everywhere) but speak it with my mother daily. Thanks for the compliments.

  2. I am very rusty with written stuff…who ever wrote it? I used to speak it with my dad who is now dead. I occasionally speak it with my aunt. My parents always spoke Italian to each other and my relatives in Sicily speak Sicilian! What a strange mixture we all are.

    1. Ah yes, writing in dialect … many years ago my mother wrote and had poems published in Triestin through her social club in Sydney. I used to assist with the typing, so I got quite good at the dialect.

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