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18 Secrets of Sicily Revealed by Top Travel Bloggers


Cefalu harbour & La RoccaIn the last 10 years Sicily has become a very popular destination and many friends, acquaintances and readers of my book (Sicilian Seafood Cooking) and my blog (All Things Sicilian and More), who plan to travel to Sicily, ask me for advice:

What should we do … where should we go … what must we eat … how do we get from point A to B?

Ragusa-steps-to-Ibla_ (1)

Recently, I was contacted by a member of the marketing Team at GoEuro, a travel search engine that combines and compares rail, bus and air travel in one site. GoEuro was preparing a blog feature about Sicily, with tips from well-travelled bloggers and had found my site. They asked if I’d be interested in sharing some of my recommendations within the region.

I looked at the GoEuro site, liked it and thought that this would be a site I would use to help me plan my travel (I will be travelling to UK, Sicily, Rome, Berlin soon). I also thought it would be a useful site to refer my enquirers to visit.

St-Christina-Cathedral-Palermo (1)

My blog had already been mentioned by two other tourism companies – Sicily Local Expert Award and Sicily Tourism, but these two companies provided a general list of Sicilian blogs. The difference between them and GoEuro was that GoEuro’s is a compilation of the different tips given by the bloggers who were approached – made comprehensive, more personal, more useful.

And this is the result, and I like it:

18 Secrets of Sicily Revealed by Top Travel Bloggers


Thank you GoEuro for inviting me to participate.