ROSE PETAL LIQUEUR COCKTAIL (From one of my readers)

I always feel very honoured when readers try my recipes. Georgina has made rose petal liqueur and has sent me this comment, photo and her recipe for a rose petal liqueur cocktail. Thank you.

I have followed your recipe to make a lovely rose petal liqueur but have been too impatient to wait 3 months before using it! I used predominantly pink fragrant rose petals from the ‘Lorraine Lee’ and ‘Cecile Brunner’ roses growing in my garden. I did however source a couple of fragrant red roses for added colour.

I kept adding fresh rose petals to the vodka each day from the ‘Cecile Brunner’ rose which has the classic rose perfume. After a week I strained off the petals and started over with a fresh batch of petals, continuing to add more each day as they were produced by the rose bushes. After another week I filtered these and finished making the liqueur. This was only stored for another 2 weeks before I used it to make a rose petal cocktail based on one that my daughter had discovered in a bar in Cambodia.


The cocktail is made with one measure of rose petal liqueur, one measure of lemon infused vodka (I added crushed lemon grass and lemon rind to the vodka, let it steep and then strained it), one measure of lychee juice (blend fresh or tinned lychees, which have had the syrup rinsed from them, and strain off the juice), half a measure of freshly squeezed lime juice. Thoroughly chill all ingredients. Shake together with ice, pour into a cocktail glass and float some rose petals on top. Very pretty and delicious with a kick!


ROSE LIQUEUR (Rosoliu/Liquore di rose)