Palermo and GoEuro competition

Here are more photos of Palermo and Mondello and details of a GoEuro Travel Inspiration Competition that  I have entered.

Francesco Simeti exhibit palazzo riso PalermoDSC_0081

Some time ago, I was contacted by a member of the marketing Team at GoEuro, a travel search engine/website that combines and compares rail, bus and air travel in one site. They are based in Berlin. GoEuro was preparing a blog feature about Sicily, with tips from well-travelled bloggers and had found my site. They asked if I’d be interested in sharing some of my recommendations within the region.


I did so, and the result was:

18 Secrets of Sicily Revealed by Top Travel Bloggers

Recently I was contacted by GoEuro again, this time inviting me to enter a travel blog competition:

Write a post on your blog detailing how you would spend your perfect holiday in Europe: where would you go? Why? One lucky writer wins £500 towards their next European adventure.

How could I resist?


I wrote a blog about visiting Palermo because it is the most diverse and complex city in Sicily.

Palermo and Sicily … peeling the onion

Palermo back streets_0021

GoEuro Travel Inspiration Competition

Post  Mortum….I did not win this competition but I hope that some readers may feel motivated to travel there.

Mondello fish seller_0040

Many thanks


carciofi stall_0036

New Look, All Things Sicilian and More blog

Below is a view of Ragusa Ibla.

Ragusa-steps-to-Ibla_ (1)

If you’ve visited my site in the past few weeks, whether you are one of my regular followers or a casual visitor, you’ll have noticed that the blog has been inactive and is now stripped of images.   That’s because I have been caught up in the traumatising process of changing hosts and migrating the content. I was told it would be simple. I was told it would be easy. I was told it would take almost no time at all. Instead, it has been complex and difficult and incredibly time consuming. I have slowly been able to add some photos but because I started this blog in 2008, you can imagine that it will be a slow process. Fortunately one of my very good and generous friends in Adelaide has been advising me and assisting me. He has been suffering along side of me.

Tomorrow, I fly out for a trip to the UK and then I visit to Sicily and and right now I’m feeling like this poor statue, looking miserable, standing with his arms bound on the edge of  La Fontana Pretoria, in Palermo.

If all is well, I will try to write some posts while I am away on my new-look blog!

Viva Sicilia!

Statues+at+Palermo (1)


I received congratulatory email today informing me that my website has been recognised in the Sicily Local Expert Award- Charming Lady.


I feel very pleased and hope that you will look at some of the other websites that have been chosen for this award.


Photo above:  Marisa in Via Bellini, Catania.

This is the email:

Dear Marisa
I hope this email finds you well.
I wanted to drop you an email to let you know that your website has been recognised in the Charming Italy Local Expert Awards, as we think your website offers some good information and advice for people looking to visit Sicily.
At Charming Italy we are constantly on the lookout for blogs and websites that offer incredibly useful information for visitors.
We thought it was about time that these sites were given the recognition they deserve, and so we created the Local Experts Awards which covers Sicily, Puglia and Sardinia.
A great Sicilian blog which is all about food, food, food! Packed full of recipes and photos of mouth-watering Sicilian dishes which will tempt any would be visitor
We have created a badge (see above) which (should you wish to) you can place on your site to let your readers know about your award.
I’d like to take the opportunity to congratulate you, and I hope you have a lovely week.
Kind regards,




I have changed the appearance of my blog ( All Things Sicilian And More) several times. The images are by Nikki Ciottola.


She also designed this little logo which I still use.

Thank you Nikki.