Boar (cinghiale) is king in Tuscany.


Cinghiale smallgoods.


But there are many other old favourites.


I am staying in Castiglione della Pescaia in the Maremma, Southern Tuscany and a couple of days ago and for the first time, there was sunshine and some evidence of Spring.

Unfortunately today it is raining again and my friends and I are doubly saddened by the weather and because of the devastating results of the Australian elections.


The wild mint.

9A4A047C-460B-4806-A1F2-1DFA8BA72610 However, we have enjoyed 6 days in Tuscany so far.


There are also old favourites. The ricotta and the cheese are made with a black coloured sheep specific to the Maremma region.


8 thoughts on “SPRING IN TUSCANY”

  1. Well, we will bring you the sunshine! We’ll be there soon, enjoying that beautiful Italian food.

  2. Hi Marisa,
    Don’t be too devastated by the result of the Australian elections. Some people are quite pleased with the result.
    One question you can answer for me:-
    I see in the pictures with your post that you are enjoying strawberries, and I am reminded that exactly two years ago I was in France (Provence and Normandy) enjoying the sweetest strawberries. We then went to Sicily for nearly three weeks – (Sicily was fantastic; that was what prompted me to sign up for your blog).
    My question is: Why can we not grow strawberries even half as good in Australia as people enjoy in Europe?
    I realise that part of the explanation is that growers in Australia deliberately choose to produce “plastic” strawberries so they can supply the market at other times; but even in peak strawberry season, even in the absolute middle of Spring, Australian strawberries still taste like crap!
    Can you solve this mystery for me?

    1. Yesterday I had some fragoline del bosco….tiny, little fragrant and sweet wild strawberries collected in the woods. They are expensive and I have only seen them in a couple of places. Excellent. However, I can not possibly answer the question about strawberries in Australia except that they are no longer a seasonal produce, they “travel” from other states, they are picked not quite ripe so that they keep better, genetically modified so as to get bigger beautifully shaped strawberries. Could be it.

    1. I am glad to be here and have been to busy to write posts. Yesterday Modena. The day before Rimini and Ravenna. In a moment leaving for Ferrara.
      I love being here and love speaking the language and getting compliments for my proficiency. I have eaten excellent food. Not Florence this time….or Sicily. Have been to Venice and so many hilltop villages in Tuscany. Love it all.

  3. I subscribed to this blog for the food. All four of my grandparents emigrated to the USA from Ragusa. I had no idea, however, that this blog would include politics. The “devastating “ election in Australia? Really? It was a wonderful, life and liberty affirming result. It expressed the values that brought so many of us to America and helps explain why Italy is in the mess it is in.

    1. Unfortunately you get me as a package. Yes, I write about food but the way I view food and everything else is from my viewpoint, my values. I voted for a party in Australia that believes in taking action on climate, social welfare and equality. I do not believe that Australia is anything like Italy…no comparison…and I am no supporter of Trump.


      1. Marisa: I have no idea what this has to do with Trump. But your reference to him really encapsulates my problem with what you said. Some of us would like to find commonality and respite from the increasingly bitter ideological wars that are poisoning even social relationships. I had thought that this was such a place. You have advised that it is not. It’s a package. Disappointing but goodbye. Niccolo

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