A short time ago I became a member of an organisation called Ristoworld. This is an organisation that was first formed in Sicily, under the direction of Chef Andrea Finocchiaro who is based in Catania.

This is different to my other posts and I wish to explain why I am doing this.

Originally the group wanted to promote mainly Sicilian food&beverage – managers, sommelier, chefs and all staff involved in the trade as well as Sicilian produce. This group and its network have recently expanded. Andrea is still the President and he is working with Mario Principi, a group of advisers, representatives from all regions of Italy and from other parts of the world.

The initial concept of promotion Sicily has become the promotion of all things related to food&beverage of Italy – ‘all made in Italy’.

Recently I posted a message on their face book site (in Italian) about Mary Taylor Simeti. Mary is a leading Sicilian food writer living in Sicily who is coming to the Sydney International Food Festival– she is participating in a session is on October 9th.

Andrea has since asked me to publicize this photo on my site and I have agreed to do so – reciprocal thanks.

In summary, the photo is an idea of Andrea’s to demonstrate how culinary art and fashion can be linked (the sweetness of the chocolate with the beauty of the models). Michele Crimi, a Sicilian photographer of note is responsible for the photo; Lucia Russo, Angela Viola e Selene Eulalia Cabrabas are the models. It has been photographed in the scenic restaurant  Falconiera di Acireale, located the beautiful coastal city of Acireale in the north-east of the province of Catania, Sicily. The decorated chocolate centerpiece has been produced in collaboration with the ancient and famous Pasticceria Michelangelo Spina di Misterbianco. Although this is not mentioned in the article I was given to work from, there is promotion for the beauty of Sicily (Acireale and this restaurant) and the craft of the people involved in making this photo possible including the pastry cook.


5 thoughts on “Ristoworld”

  1. This seems to sum up why your blog is important:

    (from Totally Sicily – Sicily)

    Arts, Cultures, Traditions, Itineraries of Faith, Festivals, Sea Foods is a perfect blend of all the influences of the various cultures that have followed each other in the Island.

    Sicily is a melting pot of civilization being at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. The various of cultures and traditions can be found throughout Sicily: in its streets, in its open markets, on the tables of its cuisine, during the hundreds of festivals taking place, as well as on the daily life.

    “Sicily reminds me of Asia and Africa; being in the marvellous centre, where so many rays of universal history converge, is no mean thing (…) I foresee that the day when I depart, I will desire to return.” [Wolfgang Goethe – who visited Sicily in 1787]

    Giovanna Levi

  2. So we’ve made a start with quotes on Sicily from Goethe. Can your network develop a list of quotes on Sicily and Sicilian cuisine – by the famous and not-so-famous?

    Giovanna Levi

  3. Sorry, I am not ignoring your comment, I have been away and very busy.
    Finding quotes could be good fun, but very time intensive.

    Will this Sicilian saying do for the time being? (it may help to keep me afloat for a while.)

    “Bòn tièmpu e màlu tièmpu nun nùra tutu u tièmpu”
    Good weather and bad weather, do not last for ever.

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