QUAGIE ALLA GRIGIA CON SALVIA (Grilled quail with sage)

Most of the time when I marinate quail for a BBQ I either use the traditional Greek /Italian mixture of oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and oregano, or if I particularly crave for the middle eastern flavours, I may use preserved lemons, cumin, pomegranate molasses; sometimes I may add walnuts, red onions and parsley.


I have always liked to include sage when I braise quail with white wine and particularly if I present them with polenta, so this time, I used sage in the marinade for the quails, which I later grilled.

I must admit, I did crave a bit of grilled polenta to accompany the quail, but on this occasion I accompanied them with a quinoa salad (See Middle- Eastern flavours above and add tomatoes, cucumber).

quails, butterflied/split in half (I cooked 6 large ones, 1 per person),
dry white wine, 1 glass
extra virgin olive oil, ¾  cup
garlic, 2 crushed
pepper, salt
fennel seeds, 1 teaspoon
fresh sage, (12 sprigs, kept whole so that they can be removed after cooking)
Mix all of the ingredients together and marinate the quails for at least 2 hours turning them every so often. Cook on grill for about 20-30 minutes and use the marinade to baste them as they cook.

Because I had some pork sausages to BBQ I decided to push a sprig of fresh rosemary into each sausage before I cooked them. They tasted great. I do like herbs!


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I have been around for a while, always enjoying food, cooking, eating, researching traditional recipes and playing around with what I have learned and know about cooking, especially Italian cuisine. My heritage is Sicilian but my parents and I lived in Trieste (northern Italy, above Venice). The cuisine in Trieste is very different from that of Sicily. The cuisine of Australia is pretty different to that of Italy and I think that my cultural experiences have given me a good foundation in the kitchen!

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