I will not be writing the blog for a while (for about a month). This is because shortly after I arrived in Paris from Sicily, one of my travel bags was snatched just outside the station. Along with our passports, the bag also contained my laptop with all of my information and notes and most importantly the latest draft of my maunscript on Sicilian food, plus the photos taken on this trip!

I don’t have a computer to work on and it is too difficult to work on the only computer in the hotel lobby.

I was going to write about the better restaurants I ate in, in Sicily: La Cambusa in Castellammare del Golfo and Casa del Brodo in Palermo. I was also going to compare the ‘innovative’ version of cous cous at the Charleston and what I ate at La Cambusa and the one I ate in Paris last night.

I will now take lots of photos in the South West of France (around the Dordogne) but will not be able to write until I can replace my computer after I get back to Australia.

Apologies to all my readers – I know from my blog stats that many of you are reading this from all parts of the world, not just Australia.

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