CHRISTMAS Sicilian sweets at DOLCETTI 2017

What will the carretto siciliano carry to you and your friends this year?

There  are many sweet treats (dolcetti) for Christmas at Dolcetti Pasticceria.

This year  all the dolcetti have been wrapped in subtle, neutral colours and packed in wooden boxes. They look very attractive.

And as you would expect, everything is delicious.

There is something for everyone.

New treats too.

These are new as well.

Sicilian favourites: Pipparelli…I love the pepper in these biscuits.

Sicilian favourites: Ciascuni

Sicilian favourites: Gigiolena (also Giuggulena)…sesame seeds and sugar and honey. Arabic or Sicilian?

And Marianna and her angels are still mixing fruit mince for the mince pies. We live in Australia after all.


Links to some Christmas sweets recipes:

CHRISTMAS AT DOLCETTI in 2014 (and Recipe for Spicchiteddi Sicilian biscuits)

CHRISTMAS DOLCI and DOLCETTI and Pistachio Shortbread Biscuits 2013

GIUGGIULENA (also CUBBAITA) – a brittle Sicilian toffee of sugar and honey with sesame seeds and almonds


2 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS Sicilian sweets at DOLCETTI 2017”

  1. Hi Marissa,

    I’m just getting to reading this. Happy New Year. Everyone knows Sicilian’s have the market cornered when it comes to sweets!

    I was wondering if you or anyone reading knows the Sicilian kids/song game, (involving a “Carretto” except it’s called a “Gabriolla” from the French influence “Cabrilole”) where an adult asks the a child to guess a random number, eyes closed. My grandfather used to play with us

    The song starts goes – “Nola, Nola, Nola – quantu porta la Gabbriola?!” Quantu!? (How much does the cart/carter bring?)

    Hope others know this fun sicilian folk song and game.

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