A MOUNTAIN OF CAPONATA – two days before Christmas

Mountains of eggplants, peppers, celery, onion, capers and green olives…..a few red tomatoes, pine nuts, basil and the characteristic caramelized sugar and vinegar to deglaze the pan that makes the agro – dolce sauce for caponata.

Two days before Christmas and the caponata needs to be made so that the flavours mellow.


In a couple of days it will be perfect!

Ready for more fresh basil and pine-nuts and ready to be presented to guests. The first lot will be on Christmas eve – it will be served as the antipasto without any other food, just a little, good quality, fresh bread for those who wish to mop up the juices.

caponata P1020059

For recipes see:

Caponata (General Information and Recipe for Caponata di Patate – potatoes)

Caponata Siciliana (Catanese – Caponata As Made in Catania). This one contains peppers (capsicums).


Fennel Caponata (Sicilian Sweet and Sour Method for Preparing Certain Vegetables).

This caponata is made with celery

3 thoughts on “A MOUNTAIN OF CAPONATA – two days before Christmas”

  1. Ciao Marisa — I’m making Baccala Mantecato alla Veneziana, in honor of my mamma. As long as she could get the salt cod she would make this at Christmas. Next year I’ll have to try your caponata. Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo!

  2. Yes, it has been a while since I made Baccala Mantecato but last time I did everyone loved it. when I told friends how much oil goes into making it, many were very surprised. It is summer in Australia and eggplants and peppers are in peak season- most appropriate for our hot temperatures.
    And Buon Anno to you as well Marisa.

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